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Published: 30-05-2013 - Last Edited: 08-02-2020

Respectively Russian and French born, designers Pauline and Arnaud Chesny are the creative forces behind the Forbidden Fruit jewelry brand. The husband and wife team describe themselves as “urban vagabonds,” traveling the planet in search of inspiration though the organic frequencies and geometric forms found in various culture such as Thailand, India, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia. 

Dedicated to fine and statement jewelry, these “jewelry alchemists” create collections made of silver, brass and gold plated elements. Earrings, rings, pendants – along with a limited line of handmade gold piercing jewelry – are their main interests of creation.

Yoga, healthy food, and positive thinking transform their extensive travelling lifestyle into a balanced expression of their identity. When wearing their jewelry, one can feel the love and attention to detail that have crafted the entire process behind each piece.

Taking their time and having the patience to create such beautiful and detailed unique pieces of art allow Arnaud and Pauline Chesny to offer such an unusual and beautiful line of jewelry that can be purchased at festivals and select boutiques around the world. 

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You can follow them and buy their collection on Facebook at –

Seminyak , Bali , Indonesia
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