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peloton supershop

peloton supershop

Published: 13-10-2015 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

peloton supershop

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, and immediately felt at home? Welcome to Peloton, the new kid on the block in Canggu past the Cangu Club at the corner of Jalan Pantai Berawa.

Peloton is owned and represented by a group of cyclists that ride together to help build speed and conserve energy during a race. Together they share the effort and strive collectively to reach their goal. At the Peloton Supershop, they have applied this same theme as the driving force behind their restaurant. And, definitely they have “nailed” down the vegan experience! It looks like a few carnivores are on their way to a big surprise!

Young owners, Thomas Edwards and Madison Setiaman (partners in life and in business) have created their dream place to be a combination of a vegan café, an artisan cycling store and an open minded event space, where like-minded people can come and share their ideas, vision and love for healthy and nevertheless tasty food.

Tasty, indeed, is their surprising and inventive menu, created in collaboration with Indonesian/Australian Lauren Camilleri, a Vegan and Foody not shy to express her passion on veganism. Menu items include “Team Taco” (a delicious leaf taco filled with sundried tomatoes, walnut meat, pineapple and corn), “Burn out Burger” (vegan patty served on a Charcoal bun!) or “Fuel Good,” a delightful and colorful salad combining carrot, kale, spinach and purple cabbage all delightfully placed to ornate the plate! We love their “Sharing is Caring” concept, symbolized by the “Mezza Board,” which is a dish that can be shared by 2 hungry people or 4 people to nibble together. We fell in love with the “Nasi Campur,” which will most likely become a staple order.

Not only do they have great culinary fare, but the juices add a creative boost to your day and include the opportunity to add Superfood plants like Spirulina or Moringa. And to complement any meal, the famous Revolver Coffee served with your choice of housemade nut milks or coconut milk is a dessert in itself! Everything is fresh, mainly organic, made to order, arrives quickly and looks AMAZING!

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From the décor (inspired biker’s shop), to the friendliness of the staff, the attention to detail, the 98% plastic free policy and the excellent quality of the food, we feel PELOTON is definitely a strong contender in the Canggu restaurant scene.

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