passion compass workshops

The Passion Compass is the brain child of founder and coach, Obed Abbo. His mission is to help people rekindle their true passion and manifest the life they want to live. Finding your one’s passion seems to be a common theme these days and many people resonnnate immediately to the offer of a compass to discover, once again or for the first time, their passion.

The workshop is a simple process of answering questions to unveil the deeper issues that may lay behind the blockages that people often  have when it comes to following their dreams. Nowadays, many people don’t even know how to dream, or even know what their dreams might be.

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Obed’s gentle approach through precise quesitioning helps people who want to attain clarity of their dreams, and help them make a clear visable plan to turn their dreams into realistic goals. Questioning, sharing answers and reflecting upon them, is a large part of the process. It creates focus and realignemnt with your passions, in a safe and community setting.

Video Passion Compass workshop at the Bali Spirit Festival.

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