palapa ganesh

Words can not describe this place. Maybe the video and pictures can give you a better idea, but we suggest you experience it at least once in your life.

Palapa Ganesh is a real paradise: three unique villas hidden in the middle of the Mexican jungle – offering spectacular views overlooking the ocean. This is ideal to rest your mind, relax your body and restore your spirit while enjoying the beauty of the Nayarit nature.

The location is very secluded. We will definitely experience an ‘end-of-the-world’ feeling. Yet it is not far from the charming surf/yoga town of Sayulita, just a 15-minute drive or a 50-minute hike through the jungle along the Pacific coast.

There is something magical about open-air buildings. No walls or windows. While enjoying the comfort of a villa, you truly feel a part of nature. The beauty of the environment has become part of the interior. The lush green jungle, the whispering palm trees, the ocean, the private beach, the natural swimming pool they created in the sea and the magnificent sunsets/moonshine over the ocean at night are all yours. The houses are built on a cliff, so there is always a refreshing ocean breeze.

Alejandra bought this land of 20.000 m2 about 20 years ago. Together with her son Emmanuel, her wife Cathy, and the local staff Licha and Gil, who take care of the houses. Alejandra is a fervent yoga practitioner and travels the world to ashrams in India and New York.

With Palapa Ganesh, she want to create a space where people could unwind and unplug from their daily life. Which is exactly what she did, a place perfect for your own inner journey or even somewhere to organize yoga/meditation retreats. The interior is a mix of Mexican beauty (like the Palapa roof houses) with a touch of the magical healing energy of Bali. The Buddha statues along with other carefully selected accessories and beautiful detailing decorate the houses. It was actually hard to choose where to sit; there are hammocks and comfortable lounging furniture everywhere.

Casa Selva is the jungle Palapa with room for three guests. Immerse yourself in jungle life via the tune of birdsong and insect chorus. Here you get a real feeling for tree-house living. There is an amazing view over the treetops to the ocean.

Casa Mar has room for 6 people. This house is unique, situated by a private plunge pool. There are 9 beds and space for more. From every angle in the house, you have a breathtaking 180-degree view over the ocean horizon.

How about the meditative sound of the waves, staring out at the horizon and watching pelicans dive for fish? During the right season and if you are lucky, you could even spot whales passing by! This enormous ocean view deck is also perfect for yoga, and there are two more natural yoga decks created down the hill.

Is your life back home dominated by constant updates and notifications? Are you looking for a place to disconnect, refresh, recharge and reboot? We found heaven on earth at the Mexican west coast. Perfect for your holiday, honeymoon or to organize a unique retreat!

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