samadi organic farmer’s market

A welcome addition to Canggu’s growing eco-conscious scene, the Samadhi organic farmers market operates twice a week, wednesdays and sundays. Suppliers from different family-run farms from around Bali, as well as an eclectic mix of local and expat artisans sell their wares or home-cooked goodies.

The Sunday market is the big event of the week – early visitors come for produce and breakfast at the Samadi café and as the morning proceeds the market transforms into a vibrant laid-back daytime party. You’ll find groups of friends meeting for brunch, kid’s playing and drawing in the  space specially laid out for them, yoga students having a post-class smoothie and chat, families doing their grocery shopping, and the curious shopping around for unusual gifts. There are stands for vintage clothes and accessories as well as home products – proceeds benefit local charities and the enthusiastic sellers will happily go into detail on the inner workings of the foundations they support. Artists set up shop as well, selling everything from artisanal jewelry to stenciled t-shirts. You’ll have several stands to peruse for fruits and vegetables – and some are even adding eggs and seafood to their products.

The atmosphere is happy and relaxed and vendors are constantly updating their products – you’ll find much more than produce! The number of stands is slowly growing as the organic scene gathers strength in Bali.

The Wednesday market is a bit smaller, a handful of fruits, vegetables and grains – good for getting some mid-week food shopping and maybe get a bite at the Samadhi Café.

Price range: 10,000 IDR – 200,000 IDR

Great for: stocking up on all your produce and grains

Open: Wednesdays 9am-noon and Sundays 9am – 2pm

Best thing about this place: connecting with other Canggu residents while you do your food shopping.

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