one spa at shutters on the beach

Published: 05-09-2023 - Last Edited: 10-09-2023

one spa at shutters on the beach

genuine deep-sea relaxation

There’s a certain allure to places that transport you to a world far removed from the one you’re familiar with. Spas, by their very definition, are havens of relaxation and rejuvenation. However, One Spa, standing proudly at the edge of Santa Monica’s silvery sands, achieves this with an unparalleled maritime twist.

A Nautical Retreat

One Spa doesn’t just offer an escape; it delivers an entire voyage. From the very moment you step through its doors, the meticulously designed ambiance takes you aboard a seafaring journey. Just a brisk walk away from the luxurious Shutters on The Beach hotel, this spa is less a mere wellness center and more a sea vessel that promises serenity.

The intricate details, from the smoky glass reminiscent of sunken treasures to the seashell-laden interiors, are not just decor but a message in themselves. The stage is clearly set: leave your worldly concerns behind and set sail on a journey of profound relaxation.

The Visionary Captain

One Spa’s reputation, albeit stellar, doesn’t rest solely on its captivating design. Steering this ship to its zenith of success is the Danish skincare maestro, Ole Henriksen. Known worldwide for transforming complex skincare rituals into simple, effective regimes, Henriksen’s products are a testament to nature’s power.

He meticulously combines nature’s best botanical extracts and fruit acids with groundbreaking skin therapies, aiming to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin in the most organic manner. His popularity, of course, means securing a personal session might be a challenge given his extensive waiting list.

However, the skilled brigade of therapists he’s trained ensures every guest receives the hallmark Henriksen treatment.

Tailored Sea Adventures

As I was escorted from the tranquil lounge through the slightly awkward gym-in-robe journey, I anticipated the usual predetermined spa treatments. To my pleasant surprise, One Spa granted me autonomy over my relaxation voyage.

The therapy menu, adorned with playful sea-inspired titles like “Beach Buff” and “Sea You Soon”, allowed me to mix and match treatments to my heart’s content. Eager to test Henriksen’s renowned concoctions, I selected a mix of therapies and coveted products, like the refreshing Apricot cleansing lotion and the potent blackberry enzyme mask.

Sailing Through Sensations

The subsequent hour was a harmonious blend of modern technology and age-old human touch. Despite being initially apprehensive about the beeping machines, the synchronicity between their pulsations and the therapist’s intuitive strokes was undeniable.

From draining the lymphatic system with small suction cups to stimulating muscles through sound wave therapy, every procedure had its purpose. The steam therapy and Vichy Face mister further complemented the holistic approach. The session transcended mere skincare. It became a symphony where advanced equipment met the irreplaceable warmth of human touch.

Anchoring Back to Reality

Emerging from the therapy, the rhythmic beeping still echoing faintly, I felt a resurgence, not just on my radiant skin but deep within. It wasn’t just about looking good; it was the profound sense of rejuvenation, akin to a mariner finding calm after a stormy voyage.

The day beckoned, and while the spa’s ambiance hinted at venturing deeper into the oceanic abyss, the hotel pool’s serene waters seemed like the perfect place to anchor my renewed self.

In summary, One Spa isn’t just about skincare or relaxation. It’s an expedition, where each therapy feels like a chapter in an oceanic odyssey. An experience that every modern mariner, looking for respite from life’s storms, should undoubtedly embark on.

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