one 10 – cycling studio in london

One 10 is the latest spinning studio to pop up in central London. Like their neighbors: Psycle and Boom Cycle, One 10 hasn’t missed a trick when it comes to making your spin experience as convenient and as comfortable as possible.

Towels are provided both during and post class, as are spinning cleats and water, no corners are cut …they even provide cowshed toiletries for a post-sweat shower. Most competitors focus on 45-60 minute classes- high intensity/low impact spinning, One 10 takes a different approach, focusing instead on stamina and the ability to cope with slowly increased resistance up until the fast-paced ‘nirvana’ section towards the end of the journey.

Their secret (ever so slightly deadly) weapon, however, is their ‘Paceline’ class designed to have heavy resistance throughout. Taking a novel approach, One 10 uses state of the art tech to see how many strides per second each person in the class is doing. There’s no hiding here, as your stats are projected from each bike’s individual LED panel onto a screen at the front of the class! The instructor can quite literally read who needs to crank the resistance up and who needs to pedal faster.

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying this works as a pretty strong motivating factor to get on your bike, and stay there…stamina is the name of the game at One 10.

One 10 has certainly got all the fundamentals to soar. It’s only been several months and they already have a solid roster of instructors, with brilliant energy, and a great class set-up. Power in numbers is always helpful during an intense session of cardio, and spinning is no exception. It will be exciting going forward to see how One 10’s classes fill up adding to their dynamic vibe!

Here’s hoping that the word does spread and One 10 can put all this amazing work to good use. Get on down to see what all the fuss is about!

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