21- the total lifestyle cleanse & nutrition program

Are you ready to up-level your energy, reset your metabolism and reboot your brain for peak performance?

Every year around the holidays, we take it upon ourselves to experience fully a new detox, to report and share with our readers on our impression. (Yes, the whole YOGI TIMES team does it!)

Yet, we don’t just do a detox because it’s trendy, makes us lose weight or gives us the sensation that we can clean out, in one shot, all the abuse of the year. We have been doing detoxes for over 25 years, often two to three times a year, from mild to more intense full on programs.

Nykki Hardin, creator of 21, the Total Lifestyle Cleanse & Nutrition Program, caught our attention for the simplicity of the detox program (you get to eat!) and the quality of her products she created. She created this so that it was realistic for people to integrate into their daily lifestyle. What made this detox so easy was the fact that we were only dealing with 6 products, ones which we could easily take along with us. We could incorporate these three products into our everyday, normal work schedule with ease.

21, The Total Lifestyle Cleanse & Nutrition Program is about regenerating the body at the cellular level, creating physical vitality, mental clarity, and emotional freedom. With the herbal formulas and the plant-based nutrition program, which helps reset the whole digestive system and the entire body, we immediately felt a boost in energy and mental clarity, empowering us to be more productive. We also started to feel a renewed relationship to self and to food.

Nykki has done a thorough job in preparing you for the detox, with a manual that is clear, visual and non-intimidating to the detox beginner yet still very informative for people who are more knowledgeable. The 21 days scheme worked well for us. It gave us a clear goal, one that resonated with transformation, as it takes around 21 days to create solid new habits.

So what is actually included in this rejuvenating detox?

The Products include:

• One big bottle of Liver Tonic,
• Bowel Tonic (yes yes you need that!),
• 45 Day Herb-Based Multi-Solution (simple herbal pills to take, we liked that one!)
• 30 Days Organic Chlorella
• Bentonite
• Psyllium Husk

Nykki took it further by also providing:

• Quick Start Pocket Guide
• Journal
• Cleanse Manual
• 21 Day Schedule
• Food Lists
• Shopping Lists
• 80 Plant-Based Recipes
• Sample Meal Plan

We felt empowered to transform and started to love ourselves even more from the inside out. One reason we have been consistent in doing yearly detoxes is that once you have experienced how you feel during and after a detox, you really want to maintain yourself in that blissful lightness of being. Our absolute favorite part of undertaking a detox and Nykki’s personal mission – is the amazing sensation that you can create a life you love and live your potential.

The world needs more people feeling light, creative, positive and shining from the inside out and expressing the love they feel inside. 

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