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Always a Drop (or Liter) to Drink

Always a Drop (or Liter) to Drink

Published: 21-12-2011 - Last Edited: 19-08-2021

Always a Drop (or Liter) to Drink

Americans add over thirty million plastic, chemical-leaching water bottles to our landfills every day, harming not only the environment but also their wallets. Drinking eight glasses of water a day from the tap costs less than a dollar per year, whereas buying it bottled puts you back a hefty thousand. So come on, make your spending planet-friendly with a stylish reusable water bottle.

Pick up a one liter polycarbonate bottle from New Wave Enviro Products and get hydrated to your heart’s content. Ease landfill flow with your pick from a rainbow of colors, including mint green and hot pink.

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