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The Best of New York's Book Expo America

The Best of New York's Book Expo America

Published: 15-03-2012 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

The Best of New York's Book Expo America

The world of children”™s literature is exploding and reading has never been so fun and filled with color and innovation. From big colorful books that you”™ll save and pass on for generations to pop-ups and games that develop reading skills, this year”™s Book Expo America in New York City was overflowing with creativity and imagination. Here we share just a few of the best and brightest from this year”™s expo. 

Mind”™s Eye””Optical Illusions & Human Perception: A beautiful game of discovery to make us understand how our eyes can see and the beauty of this human body we live in.

Yamodo! : What does Yamodo mean? Well, that”™s the point of the game. You guess the definition and draw it at the same time. Don”™t worry, you won”™t be alone””it”™s a non-competitive team effort to solve this riddle.

The Pieceless Puzzle: Finally, you”™ll never lose a piece of your puzzle again because it”™s all one piece! On top of this very smart idea you”™ll get two puzzles in one, since some of them are two-sided. All of it is in one long strand in soft durable material.

Mother Earth Lullaby: Beautiful lullabies from around the world remind us that we all share a common Mother Earth.

Some really fun children”™s books include:

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These are all from small creative publishing houses with a clear desire to entertain and educate our children to create a better world. Viva BEA!

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