the best of new york's book expo america

The world of children’s literature is exploding and reading has never been so fun and filled with color and innovation. From big colorful books that you’ll save and pass on for generations to pop-ups and games that develop reading skills, this year’s Book Expo America in New York City was overflowing with creativity and imagination. Here we share just a few of the best and brightest from this year’s expo. 

Mind’s Eye””Optical Illusions & Human Perception: A beautiful game of discovery to make us understand how our eyes can see and the beauty of this human body we live in.

Yamodo! : What does Yamodo mean? Well, that’s the point of the game. You guess the definition and draw it at the same time. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone””it’s a non-competitive team effort to solve this riddle.

The Pieceless Puzzle: Finally, you’ll never lose a piece of your puzzle again because it’s all one piece! On top of this very smart idea you’ll get two puzzles in one, since some of them are two-sided. All of it is in one long strand in soft durable material.

Mother Earth Lullaby: Beautiful lullabies from around the world remind us that we all share a common Mother Earth.

Some really fun children’s books include:

Ӣ My Day At The Zoo Рgdgpublishing
Ӣ Big Book of Animals Р
Ӣ Good Night America Р
Ӣ Jujo Р
Ӣ The Very Best Bed Р
Ӣ Benjamin Franklin Р
Ӣ Goblins Р
Be the Boss of Your Stress –
Ӣ The Little Entrepreneur Р
Ӣ Zhakanaka Р

These are all from small creative publishing houses with a clear desire to entertain and educate our children to create a better world. Viva BEA!

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