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Petal Power

Petal Power

Published: 10-04-2012 - Last Edited: 09-10-2022

Petal Power
Cleopatra’s beauty secret, blossoming lipstick packaging, products to stabilize your dosha”¦ What will they think of next? Nurture your skin with nature’s best when you use Nature Girl’s line of skin care products. Lather up with Flower Fetish, a combo of coconut and vegetable oils complete with extracts from organic plants and wild flowers. The mild, sulfate-free soap blends come in Lemon Grapefruit, Ginger Cardamom, Geranium Bergamot, Orange Tangerine and Vanilla Patchouli combinations. Whatever your favorite fragrance, Flower Fetish will leave your skin in full bloom with a soft, sensual and delicious glow. Read next >> éminence organics skin care

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