natural fitness warrior yoga mat

New to yoga? Looking to take your practice to the next level?  The Warrior mat is made of eco-friendly composite material that provides support, traction, cushion, all you need to help you achieve performance and balance. 

One of Natural Fitness’s founding principles is to offset the impact on the environment that results from the manufacturing and distribution of their products. To achieve this Natural Fitness created their Zero Impact Program (ZIP) and  for every product they sell, Plant-A-Tree initiative funds the planting of a tree in areas of the world that benefit most. The trees moderate climate, improve air quality, conserve water and harbor wildlife. Carbon emissions experts report that a single tree can remove up to 2,000 pounds of pollution from our atmosphere.

The Natural Fitness is the perfect weight and length! It is long enough to really stretch your legs and extend fully in downward dog.  It also offers plenty support and cushion to protect your knees as you move through your asana poses.  Yet, it is not bulky nor heavy to transport back and forth to class or to travel with.

We dig the red wine color, however, they offer a selection of colors so pick yours, get on the mat, off your mind and full focus on your breath!

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