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become a certified yoga teacher at your own time and pace

Most yoga teacher training programs are hosted by a yoga studio or retreat center. However, not everyone has the time or financial means to study yoga in India or New York City. Luckily, My Joy Yoga, a yoga studio that streams live yoga classes via its website, offers a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in a similar method.

Since their training is all online, students can become certified yoga instructors on their own time, at their own pace, and at half the cost of most training programs.

The My Joy Yoga Teacher Training program is taught by experienced yoga instructors based at the Joy Yoga Center in Houston, Texas. The training is broken down into several different parts, including seventy-five video lessons, three one-on-one mentorship meetings, one hour-long group training session, and, of course, the 200 hours of training required for the certification.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Yoga Alliance Recognition

My Joy Yoga certification is recognized by the Yoga Alliance—making it possible for students to teach yoga at most studios and fitness gyms across the United States. The curriculum includes anatomy, yogic history and philosophy, an in-depth asana study, meditation and pranayama, and practical advice on teaching yoga to students. The training is just under $1,500, whereas most yoga teacher trainings can cost $3,500 or more!

Options for Those Exploring Yoga Training

What about those who are interested in studying yoga or deepening their practice but aren’t sure if they are ready to commit? My Joy Yoga also offers training modules in which students can focus on specific subject matter, such as anatomy or asana study, and decide whether to pursue the full training.

Regardless of your schedule, finances, or ability to travel, My Joy Yoga offers a great opportunity to help you meet your goals and yoga teaching aspirations.

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