massage in minutes

Grace Wilson has spent years as a head massage therapist and director of spa training at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing. In her first book, Massage in Minutes: Simple Techniques for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, she shares her expertise in a straightforward, no-frills style that demystifies the complicated world of massage, leaving the reader feeling confident in his or her massaging abilities before finishing the first chapter. 

The book is divided into chapters by sections of the body. Each chapter gives a handful of techniques ending with one-, three- and five-minute “recipes for massage” that combine the techniques learned. Grace urges the reader to jump in at any chapter and start with the area most in need. Once you’ve read through the various chapters, refer to the 15- to 30-minute full-body massage recipes at the end of the book if you’re feeling enthusiastic. 

There are numerous pictures to demonstrate proper hand placement and helpful questions to ask your partner to ensure they are receiving the utmost benefit from your efforts. All you need is some floor space, a willing partner, and the intention to give a little love and attention. And, of course, always remember to switch!

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