maoz falafel

If you ever find yourself craving for an incredibily good falafel sandwich, bring a visit to Maoz. Known for its best falafel in town and tempting vegetarian food, this place has been around for more than 20 years now. Food is served as quick as in a fastfood restaurant the only difference is that this is actually healthy – fast – food! What more do we need while strolling Amsterdam's city centre in need for a quick lunch break? 

Try the signature Moaz Sandwich: a freshly baked pita pocket filled with falafel (obviously) and topped with your choice of salads and sauces from the salad bar. You can even accompany your sandwich with fresh sweet potato fries, which are known to be a favourite. For those who have a little less appetite, there's also the option of a smaller version, which is known as the 1/2 falafel sandwich. Besides sandwiches you can choose to make your own salad and eat your meal with a healthy carrot or orange juice. 

There are several locations in Amsterdam with the one on Damrak and Muntplein being probably the busiest. It's often crowded, but the staff is known to be very friendly at all times. You might even bump into a Maoz restaurant in the US and other countries of Europe, as they've opened their doors there as well and are internationally recognized as falafel brand. According to Maoz they provide a vegolution for all vegetarians as they serve the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious food. If you ever host a party or an event you can have Maoz be your caterer!

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