manik organik closed

Manik Organik is now CLOSED In the mature beach town of Sanur, the choice for healthy options is few and far between, fortunately, you don’t have to look further than Manik Organik – your one stop location with a yoga studio, mini market, and delicious, consciously prepared food. The low-key atmosphere, colorful decoration and welcoming furniture made of bamboo and pine says, from the first step you take inside, “welcome, relax and have a good nutritional meal.” You will most likely encounter Chad and Jeni, the passionate creators of this community hang out, and initiators of the eco movement in Bali, checking on their customers or training their friendly staff to recycle, reduce plastic use, or offer water bottle refills. Also Read>>> Zali Lebanese Restaurant in Bali This Australian couple aims to be a voice for healthy living in Sanur and beyond, and recently took on to host the famous soirées GREEN DRINKS, an international network that locally promotes “all things green.” Manik Organik fulfilled the quest for “healthy but tasty” by mixing the home style comfort cooking, local flavorful spices and herbs, and the nutritional organic ingredients available in Bali. With an extensive menu, you can pick and choose from juices, smoothies, lassies, herbal teas, organic coffee, cakes, sandwiches and main dishes which cater to vegetarians and vegans alike with a small selection of wheat and dairy free goodies, simply created but well presented. In addition, no MSG, microwave, aluminum or Teflon cookware or reheated oils or margarines will ever be considered at Manik Organik, and your Broccoli Almond and Minted Split Pea soup or your Ricotta and Roasted Vegetables Wrap will superbly come out on the table in the traditional way of cooking. Pizzas, Veggie Burgers, and delicious breakfast are also part of this little gem’s success. Offering a take away and delivery service, a vegetarian cafe, natural health remedies, yoga sessions, art classes, special events and workshops, the understated and friendly Manik Organik is worth a visit when in Sanur and we can guess that…you will go back, again and again. More Vegetarian restaurants in Bali  For more info on Bali’s best spots for the modern yogi STAY | SPA | PLAY | EAT | SHOP | YOGA – Find our free Bali YOGA Guide here.

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