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my manduka mat

Photography by Christopher Teoh

my manduka mat

by Delamay Devi delamay devi
Produced by Manduka

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pro lite all the way

I have seen countless conversations, blog posts and have had students, teachers and friends ask, I need to buy a new Yoga mat, what do you think i should get? Without hesitation i reply, Manduka.

At the end of 2009 I began a resident yoga teaching opportunity in Malaysia and had currently been travelling with a very cheap $10 mat which was super lite and easy to fit in my suitcase but after 2 weeks of teaching a total of 28 classes in the Malaysian humidity it was crumbling away fast with every roll over my toes, my mat had dandruff, badly! So i invested and treated myself to a Purple Manduka Pro Lite mat. I already had the Cherry PRO which was perfect to have at home or in my case storage until i found a more permanent base but the Cherry PRO was not my travel companion.

So my new Purple Pro Lite arrived and from day one i was in love, its lighter then the Cherry Pro but gives me the same support and cushioning i need, i have figured out a way to fold it up so it sits on top of my suitcase and as long as i lay it out flat after i land the crinkles disappear in no time. And to this day i am in love with it, we have ventured far and wide teaching together in Scotland, China, India, Thailand, England, Malaysia, Turkey and Australia.

So if your looking for a mat which will go the distance with you, is environmentally friendly and wont laugh when you face plant after your 3rd attempt at floating up into handstand then go for the Pro Lite Manduka :)

Manduka |

Best thing about this product: Durability, Comfort, Length, weight and long lasting abilities.



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