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level six peckham

level six peckham

Published: 05-07-2018 - Last Edited: 05-09-2023

level six peckham

It is a common belief that people living in a region’s northern part rarely travel to the southern part and vice versa. On the other hand, I found myself deviating from that norm on a sunny Sunday morning.

I was motivated to do so because I looked forward to seeing what was happening at Level Six. My steps seemed to have more spring in them as dawn broke at 6:45 in the morning, with the sun casting its golden hue. This confirmed that today’s excursion was worth the deviation from the norm.

From Automobiles to Business at the Peckham Levels

The tale of Peckham Levels got off to an unusual start at the beginning. Franks, a well-known rooftop bar and gallery, was formerly an uninteresting parking lot before it transformed into what it is today: a mundane car park.

The animated conversation of delighted customers gradually drowned out the roar of engines as the years passed. Today, it is the equivalent of a contemporary shopping mall, home to various businesses, including restaurants, bars, yoga studios, massage parlors, florists, art showcases, and many more.

It’s like having a whole day’s worth of adventures in one building.

A Haven in the Middle of the Craziness: Level Six

Level Six is a tranquil haven dedicated to yoga, and it’s located right in the middle of all this activity. It gives the impression that you are floating above the city thanks to the two spacious studios that offer unparalleled panoramas of the surrounding area.

The commotion of the city seems very far away from here, and you are surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. The space welcomes you with smiling faces, cutting-edge amenities, and a bathroom that exudes effortless chic and makes an indelible impression on guests.

The immaculate and natural decoration exudes a renewed energy, differentiating it from the more daring aesthetics of other businesses located within the Levels.

Vinyasa Flow with Anna Nowak: A Dynamic Practice

Anna Nowak, whose background is in dance, led the yoga class that I went to. Her background helped to highlight the session’s emphasis on rhythm and breath.

The room was filled with her contagious energy, and it was clear that she genuinely enjoyed sharing what she had learned with others. Every action felt in sync with the others, every breath felt like it went more profound, and by the time it was over, the space had been infused with a collective feeling of gratitude.

Delectable Eats, Located on the Sixth Floor

Rejuvenating the mind and body is only part of what Level Six has to offer; the sense of taste will also be stimulated. Fermentation is favored by the establishment’s resident culinary virtuoso, Chef Woody.

He creates culinary masterpieces with the guiding principle that each dish should feature only the freshest, most “alive” ingredients. I indulged in various dishes, but the word that stood out to me the most was The Zinc Drink.

It is a delicious concoction that consists of rooibos, cashew milk, activated nut butter, banana, cinnamon, maca, maple, and sesame seeds—a complete and total game-changer.

The sixth level: the very definition of authenticity

Level Six presents itself as the ideal sanctuary for those individuals who place a high value on authenticity and look for quality and goodness in every experience. It’s not just a location; it’s an experience where every facet has been carefully selected to ensure guests feel enlightened and enriched.

Additional Information Regarding the Fermentation Workshops

Have you ever been curious about the excitement surrounding kombucha or sauerkraut? In his signature workshops, Chef Woody will help participants unravel the mysteries behind these fermented wonders. This opportunity should be taken seriously because it provides the ideal balance of education and enjoyment.

In its most fundamental sense, Level Six is not merely a location; instead, it is a journey that entails discovery, rejuvenation, and culinary delight, and it is situated in the center of Peckham Levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the north or south side of the river; its offerings can only be beaten by something else.

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Floor 6, 95A Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST London, UK
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