legacy of love

Legacy of Love, with its inspiring title, is a chronicle of the love and legacy that Ghandi passed onto his family and the world. The book contains firsthand experiences and observations of the power of Ghandi’s message of non-violence and unity. Arun Gandhi, the fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, shares this treasure chest of loving and healing sentiments, which reasonate as strongly today as they did when we first heard the name Ghandi.

Arun Ghandi received the blessings of his grandfather’s principles of non-violence both from their source and also from his parents, Manilal and Sushila, as he watched them applied and shared throughout their lives. As part of his education, Arun was sent to live with his grandfather at the age of 12. The next two years, crucial formative years, were spent absorbing his grandfather’s wisdom and forming the identity he would inhabit in his adult years.

Not only is this book a chronicle of one of the great icons of the 20th century, but it is also a touching and inspiring story of the strength and importance of family, respect and personal legacy. The reminiscences in Legacy of Love deal with issues we all face each day. The authenticity of Arun’s storytelling makes this book an unforgettable journey down a path we have all traveled. His experiences of prejudice and injustice throughout his travels are expressed with a sense of humanity and genuine emotion that ring with the unmistakable tone of sincerity and the strength of the human spirit.

Legacy of Love reminds us that living a life of non-violence is not just a concept, but a reality that has the potential to transform the world. It teaches by example. As Ghandi said, “My life is my message.” We are presented with an unprecedented view into the intimate spaces of this momentous life through the pages of Legacy of Love. It provides a beautiful model of the power of conscious parenting through love and leading through example rather than punishment and humiliation. 

Arun Gandhi and his wife Sunanda continue to spread Ghandi’s message of peace through the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. The Institute’s efforts focus on conflict prevention, anger management and relationship and community building. They also organize a conference every October in Memphis, Tennessee.Arun has written eight books and hundreds of articles.“Change is possible if we have the desire and the commitment to make it happen.” – Mahatma.

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