leap of faith: how to build your spiritual business

Starting your own business can be daunting, especially for those looking to use their spiritual gifts to heal others. Colby Rebel has been there and she shares her knowledge with aspiring spiritual business owners in her book, Leap of Faith: How to Build Your Spiritual Business.

So how can one make a living in the spiritual business? Leap of Faith guides readers through every step of the process, from the in’s and out’s of social media to handling potential problems with clients. Each chapter is presented in digestible, bite-sized chunks, and the information is concise and realistic. Colby is an expert, she draws from her own experiences and the lessons she learned from them. Prior to building her own successful business as a psychic medium, for example, Colby worked in public accounting and taxation for fourteen years. Her advice and insights on how to handle the legal paperwork for a small business are invaluable and easy for the layperson to read and understand.

Leap of Faith is an all-encompassing guide to making a living as a light worker, and an essential read for anyone looking to break into the business. Despite the challenges of starting a business as a psychic medium or other type of light worker, Colby is optimistic. She has faith that when armed with the right knowledge and spiritual guidance anyone looking to start their own spiritual practice will have what it takes to succeed.

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