Located in a quaint local village near Canggu, “Kinoa,” with its clean eating bar is not presented with a flashy nor striking appearance, but more so a calm ambiance and natural setting that will draw you in. When you continue to the back of the small restaurant, you will find a lawn, garden, rice field view and shaded wooden tables with bungalow-style umbrellas.

This small locally owned cafe is full of surprises, as we learned the food and service is top quality. Kinoa is a clean eating concept with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly options. The “No Carb Vegan Breakfast Taco” is full of flavor, and the “Kinoa Breakfast Island,” is an ultimate favorite made with free range organic poached eggs on top of the signature Kinoa salad.

The small and friendly team at Kinoa will be more than happy to adjust the diverse menu options to your specific requirements. The staff works side-by-side with the owner herself and her delightful kids, who may just end up cooking your meal and serving it to you. This adds to the welcomed and homey feeling you will straight away experience upon arrival.

A couple unique advantages about Kinoa is the Sweet Breakfast served until 3:00pm, and the freshly baked desserts with vegan and gluten-free options that are to die for. In addition, they offer slow pressed juices, which if you’re a fan of these, you know they are only provided in select places in Bali. These juices are made from ripened organic fruits, ensuring maximum quality and natural sweetness while holding onto the vitamins and enzymes through usage of the slow juicing machine.

As this spot may seem off the beaten path, its location is promising, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised to take the road a bit further and find a shortcut to Pererenan beach, equipped with fresh coconuts, beach chairs and surfboards galore.

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