my day at the zoo

The life of animals is one of my favorite topics because of the unique skills those different species can teach us. Last week at our preschool, we had snakes, a kinkajou, a wallaby, a possum and more wild animals visiting us from Valentine Traveling Nature Class. You should have seen the children petting them and holding them””you could tell the kids were building lifelong memories. I never thought I would love to hold snakes so much! 

If you want to encourage your children to love animals, here is one great book to pique their interest.

My Day At The Zoo, written by Vickie G. Hampton and illustrated by Michelle Y. Glennon. This is a fun book about all the animals you’ll see at the zoo with a special space on each page for a child to paste his or her photo in. Creative parents and children will have a blast after a special day at the zoo with this picture book/photo album combo. The bright cartoon-like illustrations of talented artist Michelle Glennon will make a very interesting contrast with the pictures taken at the zoo. A great idea, a great book with a great activity.

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