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By: Yogi Times

It is for its very dramatic view that spa goers will travel to Karma Kandara Resort, a place where the hustling and buzzing of Seminyak rapidly fade into complete relaxation. Karma Spa & Wellness at the Karma Kandara Resort sits like a nest in a tree, on the hill of the southern peninsula of Bali, better known as the Bukit, which drops perilously into the Indian Ocean’s surf. 

Everything about Karma Spa & Wellness inspires a sense of being at one with the precious nature surrounding the resort. Starting with the use of low-impact architecture and a design integrating the natural environment.

People come here for a day of self-nurturing—translation—complete rejuvenation. Karma Spa’s Sunday Yoga Session/Wellness Breakfast is a particularly rewarding formula, integrating flow yoga followed by a nutritious breakfast at the El Mare restaurant overlooking the ocean. Add a deep relaxing treatment to your day and you will be in complete bliss.

In the spa lounge, tea and fruit awaits you. While being asked what part of your body the massage therapist should focus on, you get to choose the essential oils that will be mixed to virgin coconut oil and used on those sensitive or tights spots.

Over looking the ocean, like a small sanctuary, the couple’s room, a small hut like wooden structure with full floor to ceiling views of the ocean, sets the tone for the experience to follow. Aromatherapy, white sheets, drapes flowing in the breeze, sounds of the waves crashing into the Private Beach Club below the cliff and a view to the infinity…. Worries and concerns are soon dissipated.

The well-trained therapists, renamed “healers”, are as discreet and professional as you would expect in such facilities. A deep sensation of meditation and relaxation fills the room; from the touch to the smell, you are in full awakening of the senses. Choose from a large variety of spa treatments such as Detox Salt, Sea & Oil Experience, Karma Rejuvenation Day, and Himalayan Crystal Healing Journey. Most ingredients used in the spa treatments are organic, made in Indonesia for the Karma Resorts, which has developed its own brand of body cosmetics exclusively sold in the Karma spas.

Following your treatment, spend an extra 30 minutes in the “infrared sauna” and take a plunge in the Jacuzzi facing the ocean, 180 degrees of pure serenity.

As if there weren’t enough natural beauty here, butterflies gild the grounds. Walking back to the restaurant from the spa, you cross a small wooden bridge, which spans a gorge with a lush river path that leads to the ocean. The restaurant with its infinity turquoise blue pool offers a striking view —a great place for contemplation. You will be offered the choice between a regular and a wellness breakfast menu, composed mainly of fresh multi grain bread, eggs, sheep feta, greens, porridge, and a range of fresh juices. Suspended 85 meters above the surf, di Mare, (of the ocean in Italian), is a semi-circular dining room perfect for a couple’s Sunday Brunch in Bali.

A visit to Karma Kandara resort is a journey of awe, gratitude, peace, and rejuvenation.

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