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Established as one of the prime healthy food restaurants in Ubud, Bali, KAFE is a bustling eatery for lovers of fresh, mostly organic, cuisine.  A meal here enlivens the taste buds and the soul. KAFE’s has also distinguished itself by its progressive waste reduction and recycling policies.  In combination with its partner restaurant Little K, these policies eclipse those of other dining establishments in Bali, according to island-wide nonprofit watchdogs.

There is not a day where KAFE seems to be slowing down. 7 days a week this hub offers conscious entrepreneurs, yogis, expats and healthy travelers a combination of excellent food and relaxing ambiance in a bistro like atmosphere.

Meghan Pappenheim and Kadek Gunarta, of BaliSpirit, founded KAFE in a double story building, with a spacious second-floor balcony and indoor dining salon decorated with an Indonesian flair. On the third floor of the building, KAFE also boasts an annex of its holistic sister wellness center, the Yoga Barn, a quiet room which can be used for private yoga classes, seminars, and other special events.

The menu is extensive and creative with a large amount of vegetarian, vegan and raw dish options. Continuously breaking new ground, Adi, the KAFE’s head chef and inspiration for much of what goes on in the kitchen, stays on the pulse of the latest delectable treats, dishes and raw desserts to keep the menu fresh and exciting. 

Dessert lovers must try the White Chocolate and Blueberry Cheese Cake.  It’s decadent and good for you! The cake is packed with nuts and seeds, which contribute vitamin E, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.  The blueberries are incredibly rich in antioxidants. Locally grown cacao butter is used in all of their raw chocolate items.  How about a Spirulina Chocolate Peppermint Slice?  Yummy almonds, cashews, cacao, coconut, spirulina. Or, a Strawberry Cheese Cake that combines fresh local strawberries, a great source of Vitamin C, and a cake base that is full of nutrients to support brain health.

It’s wonderful to be in a restaurant where you know that what you eat is good for you and that you are supporting a business that is doing good.  The staff, management, and owners are invested in the harmonious accord between nature and people.  The environment is a consideration. KAFE offers a true business model for wellness.  They refuse to sell soft drinks, only use chemical-free and organic produce, when possible, and take extensive internal measures to soften their footprint and maintain the ethics of healthy living.  If you live in the Ubud you can also benefit from their delivery program.

KAFE also sponsors “Bali Cantik Tanpa Plastik”, a campaign run by a group of local & foreign volunteers with the common goal to reduce the use of plastic bags in Bali.

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