kali zoe designs

When Callie Spiros, a local student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, created a product in the midst of a studio classroom, she never envisioned that her “passion project” would launch Kali Zoe Designs into the successful company it has become. After partnering with her older sister, Arianna, the Chicago-based duo have launched their innovative new product – the Mudra – in the fashion and wellness industry. This acupressure creation is designed to act as an instant stress reliever, as it applies pressure to LI4 pressure point (the soft spot between your thumb and forefinger).

Although I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of product, it became increasingly clear that the science behind the jewelry is undeniable. The pressure provided is almost instantaneously relaxing, applied to a point on the body where nerves, muscles, and ligaments come together. Upon sporting the holistic decor to a yoga class, one will be pleasantly surprised at the additional alleviation of stress and pain throughout the body.

The medical effects are juxtaposed by the beauty of this “jewelry with a job,” handcrafted and polished with ethically-sourced metals and stones. With multiple color and stone combinations, this piece is customizable to suit the individual consumer.

That is what is truly striking about this recently developed company – their individualized and organic style of business. The initial product is delivered with a personally addressed, handwritten note, then followed up with an email asking about one’s personal experience. Genuinely concerned with the health and wellness of their customers, it transcends from a consumer-supplier relationship to one of mutual beneficence.

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