into the wild algarve

Into the Wild Algarve, Portugal is the kind of place where you go to get a little bit lost, the kind of place where you go to just breathe in the air and listen to the wind.

A short drive from the handsome beaches of the Algarve, many of which are fantastic surf spots and enchanting towns, complete with pink tiled houses and cobbled streets. It is an ideal location for exploring the region whilst staying removed from the crowds.

Set up by a Dutch couple in 2013, it is home to a number of tipis, safari tents, and a tree house, each with its own charming character and quirky appeal.

Somewhere between a luxury “glamping” site and an eco-camp, ITWA delivers a very comfortable stay, at a minimal environmental cost.

Each lodging stands alone, but within walking distance of all shared areas (the lakes and the hangout), giving privacy whilst remaining part of a community.

The air here hangs heavy, generous with the smell of eucalyptus and the floor is thick with pine needles. Nature is welcoming yet untamed, your own little corner of wild to be explored.

The rooms themselves are beautifully designed, adorned with skilfully curated decorations, add a touch of eccentricity.

The shower and toilet are outside, amongst the pines, very rustic, but clean and comfortable….plus, who doesn’t like showering underneath starry sky!

A delicious and wholesome supper is hosted twice a week, cooked up by Sonya the owner, and served in the hangout. An outdoor bohemian living room decked out with communal tables and hammocks covered in brightly patterned textiles. This is where stories are shared and friendships are formed.

If you’re lucky one of the many volunteers who help to run the place may even whip out a guitar, adding to the soundtrack of children’s laughter that predominates the evenings at ITWA.

Every morning breakfast is also served in the hangout, in individual wicker picnic baskets, filled up with dollhouse-sized pots of jams and honey. With a rotating selection of mains, ranging from overnight oats with local honey to fruity smoothies and egg dishes with golden yolks and freshly picked herbs.

Yoga and Pilates classes are taught most mornings (depending on the seasons) on the al fresco deck overlooking the mountains, where sun salutations take on a very literal meaning! It’s a beautiful space to practice as part of a class or just sit and meditate alone when the deck is not in use.

The combination of taking some time out in nature, nourishing food, and the chilled out vibes of ITWA makes it a pretty tranquil practice- which further adds to the magical effects of this place.

Into the Wild Algarve delivers exactly what it says on the tin and more. Go see for yourself before everyone finds out about this enchanted place!

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