inspired creations

As a dedicated yogini and Reiki Master, Carole Dion-Fontaine could not find any jewelry that resonated with her passion so she decided to create her own line. Her love for the holistic is reflected in her jewelry which has a high vibrational quality that will happily resonate with you. Her hobby started some years ago when she looked for an outlet to her creativity which was being stifled by a job in the corporate and commercial world of graphic design. Yoga entered her life in that same period and helped her through some difficult years of healing and self discovery. That is where her path took her deeper into yoga and the world of subtle energy surrounding us. Carole soon realized that as long as she remained in an unhappy job she would not realize her full potential and her physical symptoms were simply the universe trying to tell her to CHANGE her life. As soon as she understood that she started taking baby steps towards her spiritual freedom and yoga & meditation was the tool which helped her most. Her creativity blossomed into what you now see in this yoga inspired jewelry line. Crystal and gemstones sing to her she says and she can easily lose herself for hours creating pieces aboard Windsong, a sailboat she shares with her husband of 23 years. She then took the plunge and offically opened her Etsy store for business! Leaving the fear behind and following her path through intuition and faith that she will be provided. What was once a dream became reality. Carole is very active in her yoga community and volunteer at Reiki circles and at local hospitals. She loves to learn about gemstone properties and how it can not only make us look good but feel good as well. Oh my how a few years changes ones life!
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