inhere meditation studio

By: Ada Humphrey
Edited date: November 16, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Guided meditation sessions are available throughout the day, with a range of lengths and styles to choose from, including : awake, clear, focus, smile, and rest (to name a few). The studio has chairs as well as bolsters and mats to sit on, so you can find a position which works for you, and how you’re feeling that day….a good reminder that you don’t have to be poker straight in lotus position to do “real” meditation!

A soft blue light permeates the room, aiding natural relaxation from the moment you step in, making it difficult not to let go of the world outside  The meditations themselves consist of a short soundscape to start with, followed by a gently guided meditation. The majority of these are led by Adiba, who has a soothing and focused voice which eases you into the meditation without any added fuss or jargon.

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Adiba set up Inhere meditation studio after spending time at a holistic wellness retreat in Asia where she was amazed by the effect one week at the centre could have on its guests. Inspired by her experience, she was compelled to bring its benefits to the busy streets of London, fusing her love of beautiful spaces, busy cities and the science of the mind!

The dedication behind this studio comes through not only in the intelligently designed space but also the range and choice of meditations available which cater to many needs. More than anything else, Inhere really stands out for it ability to create a hub of calm and focus in an otherwise bustling city, one can only hope this innovative studio is able to extend throughout the city!

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