i know i’m not alone

By: Yogi Times
Edited date: October 26, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Michael Franti – internationally renowned musician, yogi, and human rights activist – bravely goes where no musician has gone before. Armed with his guitar, some friends, and a video camera, he travels to Iraq, Israel, and Palestine, exploring the human cost of war. He speaks the universal language to them – music – and they exchange stories with each other. His travels – encountering soldiers, doctors, children, locals, and other musicians like him self – reveals the raw emotions of victims of war and sheds light onto dark places. This is a musician’s journey thorugh war in the Middle East.

Franti’s heartfelt music is interlaced within the film and cut in a way that the images and words often compliment each other. His empathic voice-overs speak volumes, drawing the audience into his intimate opportunity to converse with human beings who are trying to live and survive under harsh conditions. The creation of his documentary invites us in to a place of war and great suffering, raising our awareness. This film is a sobering reminder of the damage and aftermath of war in the Middle East as well as proof of the resilience of the human spirit. Franti is truly a modern day peacemaker, a warrior of peace.

i know i’m not alone

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