hindu temple of arizona

Conveniently located in Scottsdale, Arizona just off AZ-101, the Hindu Temple of Arizona  (HTA) is a casual and friendly mandir that attracts local Hindus as well as Yoga enthusiasts and followers of sanatana dharma (eternal truth). 

With such popular deities as Shiva and family, Venkataeshwara, Radha Krishna, and Ram Parivar, devotees are likely to find their ishta devata (personal god) and visitors new to Hinduism can look forward to the darshan (viewing) of multiple contemporary Hindu gods and goddesses. 

While housed in a modern nondescript building, the shrines themselves are built to traditional specifications and the temple priest is direct from Tirupathi, Andra Pradesh (India). Plans for expansion are underway, which will bring increased seating capacity and the installation of additional murtis, including the nine planets (Navagraha). 

Expect to find temple volunteers welcoming and open to discussing Hindu culture and religion. The same holds for local devotees who are quick to offer a smile and check that all your needs are met. Neophytes can exhale knowing HTA priest Satayanarayan Panchangam is happy to help with proper technique for deity worship.

Traditional Indian dress is not required, but clothing should cover the shoulders and knees. Be sure to remove your shoes and turn off your cell phone before entering the building. Talking is permitted in the foyer, but do your best to maintain silence inside the main hall. Even if locals are chatting, keeping silence is a surefire way to please the community and the deities.

The Hindu Temple of Arizona celebrates all major Hindu festivals, and provides weekly Sunday pujas from 11:00am till 1:00pm, as well as events for specific deities, such as the Hanuman Puja on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm till 9:00pm.


Check the temple calendar at hindutempleaz.org for updates and special events. 

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