manjushree orphanage in tawang, india

Support the Manjushree Orphanage in Tawang, India, a charitable organization that takes care of Tibetan children by providing them with a secure home and family, as well as universal education and a solid moral foundation. One of their major donators is the yogas brand Alo Yoga which has at its core mission to spread mindful movement and yoga throughout the world. Alo Yoga’s aim to provide yoga to children around the world through free 5 minute videos on that demonstrate the benefits of yoga and meditation to the leaders of our future.

At the time of its establishment in 1998, the facilities of Manjushree Orphanage were built to serve 30 Tibetan children. The vision of the organization has now expanded to support over 300 children and staff. This growth has all admirably occurred under the same roof, but Manjushree Orphanage is now in pressing the need to develop its space – especially the kitchen, which was initially constructed to serve 30 kids. At the moment, this loving home, along with education, care and guidance is provided to the children for about 41 cents a day each.

This wonderful cause and event are in collaboration with Alo Yoga’s 501(c)(3) foundation, Alo Gives. 

If you would like to hear more about Manjushree Orphanage, please see here below

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