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Beauty by Nature


beauty by nature

 Reviewed by kate linville
Written By brigitte mars
Reviews | Books | Nutrition
Beauty comes from within and we’re all inherently beautiful. But let’s face it, California is the capital of bottled blondes and otherwise altered physical beauty and sometimes it’s fun to play along. But how damaging are those choices to the environment? What do we do when faced with the onslaught of choices at the cosmetics counter filled with ingredients we can’t pronounce, let alone know what they are doing to the environment?

Beauty by Nature is a guide to maintaining a healthy body and beautiful hair and skin from the inside out using herbs and wholesome foods. There are also simple exercises to remedy everything from to puffy eyes to acne breakouts. Have you ever thought of the damaging affect high-end salon hair color has on you and the environment? Mars prescribes alternative tonics and rinses that will increase shine and highlight your natural hair color, minus the chemicals. She also provides an index of all things herbal and fruitful along with their many uses. Mars shares wisdom passed down through generations, giving us options to flex our yogic power and send those not-so-green cosmetics packing.

– $19.95

Brigitte Mars |




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