goodbye mr. ex

We’ve all been to a painful, confusing place our “EX’s” have taken us. We have suffered through insatiable curiosity over ”˜what happened?’ Hopefully this triggered an important journey of personal development towards loving ourselves. And if not, the book Goodbye Mr. EX can help take us there and transform anger, hurt, guilt and jealousy in to a sublime inner peace.

As I read through the bitter truth of these familiar ”˜break up struggles’ and glanced through the book’s animated drawings depicting caricatures gasping “I can’t let go” or “Who am I now” it helped me to gather up strength to never go there again!

British author Marina Pearson is not afraid to admit she’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt and now written the book. She open-heartedly reveals her painful past experiences in an engaging way that helps us to see ourselves, and how we have fallen victim to beliefs and myths that left us unprepared. For example, Marina debunks myths that say Love is only about support; switching it to Love is a balance of support and challenge. She debunks a myth that says Relationships are all about happiness; transforming that belief in to Relationships are also about growth.

Goodbye Mr. EX points out key factors that keep us in the struggle such as how we rehash the same story over and over and continually wish things were different. Or how we use blaming language, make massive assumptions and judge. All of these factors commit us to not letting go when Marina says the active commitment to moving on without excuses, debate or whining, is the most essential part taking us to the other side of a dream relationship, where she now finds herself!

Marina reminds us that how we deal with the break-up becomes the more important subject making our “Ex” more of a means to an end. Yes!  She reminds us there are no failures, and only situations that lead to new opportunities.

It is important to know why we want to move forward so the fears that block us don’t cloud over and impede us. Fears such as the fear of being alone or losing our identity. Or the fear of trusting the process of the unknown and of facing the pain. Or what about the fear of what others will think? Goodbye Mr. EX shows that we are not our relationship.

Whether we are at the beginning stage of grief and shock, the middle place of acceptance and moving on where our buttons are still easily pushed, or the last stage where we wouldn’t want to change a thing, Goodbye Mr. EX takes us to places within that can truly liberate us. For me, it hit home!

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