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globe house yoga

globe house yoga

Published: 06-11-2013 - Last Edited: 03-09-2023

globe house yoga

The Globe House’s discreet location is its primary selling point, drawing in curious minds looking for a unique experience. Globe House maintains an authentic allure, which starkly contrasts the glitz and glamour of mainstream yoga studios.

The walls of this historic warehouse building, which was once home to a factory that manufactured tanneries, are still reciting stories from a long time ago. As you enter the studio, relics of its glorious history can be seen peeking through, blending inconspicuously with the verdant garden it looks out over.

A Convergence of Traditions: The Beauty and Power of Yoga in All Its Forms

The Globe House is not just a yoga studio but a meeting place for many different yoga traditions. Here, you can receive instruction in various yoga styles, including Astanga, Hatha, Shadow, Kundalini, Pilates, and Yin, from independent yoga masters who are all experts in their respective fields.

The weekend’s longer hours, reserved for intensive workshops and extended classes, allow for a more in-depth investigation into the numerous facets of yoga.

An Architectural Wonder: The Confluence of Openness and Quietness

Every visitor is mesmerized by Globe House because of its sheer magnitude. The expansive interiors are flooded with natural light and exude peace and tranquility.

The soaring ceilings conjure up feelings of boundless freedom, and the view of the garden that extends out over the room serves as a visual treat that leads the mind into more introspective realms. Despite its proximity to the always hectic London Bridge and the City, Globe House is a silent testament to tranquility. It provides an unparalleled reprieve from the chaos of the metropolitan area.

The works of Norman Blair are titled “Astanga and Beyond.”

Drawing enthusiasts flock to Globe House on Saturday mornings to refresh themselves before the rest of the weekend and participate in Norman Blair’s Astanga classes. Blair’s signature style is not limited to just the strenuous routines; he extends his expertise into monthly yin workshops for his students.

These sessions last for three and a half hours, during which time is slowed down, ultimately leading to meditative practices, and are then sweetly concluded with squares of organic chocolate, symbolizing the perfect balance between effort and reward.

Inexpensive, easily accessible, and encompassing all costs

The convenience of Globe House’s location is one of its most appealing features. Every class is run on a drop-in basis, which ensures that the element of spontaneity is preserved.

The teachers are compensated directly by the students, making the payment structures open and transparent. The range of classes is broad, and participants of all experience levels are welcome to attend, from complete beginners to advanced students. In light of London’s customarily high prices, the fact that Globe House’s offerings can be had at more reasonable costs is, without a doubt, a welcome relief.

Exploring the Neighborhood: Bermondsey and Further afield

Outside of the peaceful confines of Globe House, the surrounding area offers a rich web of activities and adventures to partake in. The buzzing Bermondsey high street, dotted with contemporary art galleries, quirky cafes, and bustling eateries, offers the possibility of spending hours discovering new places.

Tourists are drawn to the well-known Borough market, but the street food haven in Maltby is less famous but still offers a variety of mouthwatering treats. Amidst all this activity, the Globe House manages to carve out its own peaceful space and perfectly encapsulates the eclectic character of the neighborhood.

Discovering the Globe House

The entrance to Globe House is discretely tucked beside number 20 Crucifix Lane and is close to London Bridge. Crucifix Lane can be accessed by crossing London Bridge. At the time of your arrival, press the buzzer number 8, and then follow the signs to reach this urban sanctuary.

Globe House is waiting for you to discover it if you are interested in having a genuine yoga experience entirely separate from anything offered for profit.

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