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Acceptance of an invitation to attend Dr Gabriel Cousens talk at the Fivelements Resort in Ubud met with the WOW factor. The opportunity to see such a well known international wellness guru in one of the healing hotels of the world would have to be a once in a lifetime event. Funny to think that 20 years ago, an invitation to see Madonna LIVE would have met with the same excitement. This time though instead of queuing up to buy her records, it was to be autographed books, the old fashioned heavy kind, which were to grace the shelves of the budding health coach’s library and earn her heaps of kudos amongst colleagues.

Well known for his books on ‘Conscious Eating’, ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ and ‘Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine’, Dr Cousens could have talked all night. As it was, he kept the audience captivated for 3 hours as he shared his truths about the links between diet and disease. His wide knowledge on all aspects of health was very convincing and nonsensical. The need to go back to our traditional diets, before processed food and before white flour and sugar was a repetitive theme along with the need to consider the mind and its powerful influence in the healing process.

Some compelling facts about the benefits of consuming raw, living, organic foods were graciously shared including his own experiences. Like the time when he sun danced for hours in the daytime heat in Arizona and didn’t get burnt. Whilst it is well known that raw foodists radiate, it wasn’t clear, for me at least, that they literally resonated with light. Its successful role in the reversal of diabetes and other major lifestyle diseases was again highlighted.

By the time meditation came around, he had taken on a God-like presence in the room and his offer for his audience to come and collect mantra cards saw a swarm of loyal disciples surround him on his chair. What followed in the next 30 minutes, in the pitch black darkness, was an overwhelmingly powerful meditation whereby each individual got to experience the transfer of his energy to their forehead through a gentle head press.

His tips for enduring radiant health seemed surprisingly user-friendly advising all to:

1. Maintain strong family connections
2. Be adaptable
3. Be conscientious
4. Fulfill your dharma (life purpose) the best you can
5. Be thoughtfully optimistic
6. Exercise moderately

If his plans come to fruition, not just the lucky few but all of Indonesia will benefit from his upcoming project raising awareness of Diabetes in local communities. We should be so lucky to gain an encore performance and get to reap the rewards of his studies and dedication.

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