fed up!

Every new year we make tons of New Years resolutions in hopes of transforming ourselves. But once the year gets underway, we often find ourselves slipping back into the same destructive patterns. But if change is what you are looking for this year, Jivamukt co-founder, David Life, talks to the transformative value of “being fed up” in his January Master Class.

As David reminds us, “anyone who is engaged in serious yoga practice has come to yoga for the same reason-we’re fed up! That means we’ve had enough.” He’s telling us that the path of yoga is a path to consciousness that allows us to take a good hard look at our lives and decide that our suffering needs to change. For some of us, we identify with our suffering because it is familiar and has been ingrained within us. But eventually through the path of yoga, we find that our consciousness transforms and we get to the point where we realize the negative toll that our suffering has had on our lives and that’s when we become ripe for transformation.

Starting off the class with a Stephen Marley song, “She’s Fed Up,” David quotes:

“She said how could you treat me this way? What we had was more than words can say. Two times the echoes of my mind, that don’t know where else this love I’ll find. She’s fed up. She’s fed up. She’s fed up. She’s fed up.”

We’ve all been there. What does it take for us to hit rock bottom and decide that change is mandatory? It has to come from within. It has to be the student who decides that I am fed up and I am not going to take this anymore! I want better for myself. As David explains, “yoga teaches us that now -In this new moment-things will be different”¦ it flows from us, through us, and basically if we could just get out of the way, then it would be free to manifest in our lives. That is the practice of yoga-getting out of the way of ourselves.”

Change is always available to us when we choose to awaken from our disturbed mind state, but again it doesn’t happen until the student himself has decided to make the change purely for himself, not for anyone else. The answers are always there when you are ready. You just have to get angry enough and fed up enough to demand better for yourself. As David concludes, “ Get fed up! But don’t do it because a teacher tells you to do it or because it is a rule; do it for your own reasons, because you’re fed up with the way things have been and you want them to change. Do it because you want to do it. Do it to get rid of a cruel dictator-your identification with your mind. Do it as your personal revolution.”

Are you ready to get fed up? There is no better time then the present to make lasting change in your life. For more information on Jivamukti yoga and David Life, click here.

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