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We all know that the quality of our breath determines the quality of our life. Chances are, however, that you are always looking for user-friendly practices and places to breathe fuller and better. Besides your yoga studio, though, where can you afford to go for recharging, de-fragging and rebalancing? 

Exhale is an urban oasis/day spa and yoga center in downtown Santa Monica whose spa concept is well worth experiencing. It is based on the recognition that we use the breath to mindfully live in the present moment and to journey through discomfort. Like the breath, visiting Exhale can be a technology for transformation that is pleasurable, easy to practice on a daily basis and health-renewing. It’s worth noting that the second floor yoga studio features ocean views and lofty ceilings to promote energy flow during Core Fusion® and yoga classes in los angeles. The studio opens onto a sun drenched, open-air reflection terrace where students can stretch, meditate or enjoy pre- or post-class respite. Most importantly,  membership deals and evening hours of operation make Exhale an affordable option for working people who seriously seek renewal.  And if you take a yoga or Core Fusion® class here, you can use the spa water sanctuary for the rest of the day. Such a deal!

Exhale is highly differentiated from the Los Angeles day spa pack by its holistic approach to physical and sensual healing, rebalancing and fortification. Where else can you take a yoga class, experience first rate acupuncture that incorporates needling and massage, rest in the healing waters of the spa or retreat to the dry heat of the sauna and the steam room? You can also take a break and shop for clothing and books and tools for conscious living in the boutique. Or, you can loll about like a maharani or maharajah on silken spa lounge sofas. 

The first floor of Exhale features 20 therapy rooms with natural birch and willow lighting. (Treatment rooms are accessed through the healing waters sanctuary; so get here early and do some soaking to prepare for any treatments you may have booked.) One of Exhale’s many grace notes is that the water sanctuary features a water, tea, fruit and snack table.

The spa zone features hot soaking tubs, a cold plunge pool, soothing eucalyptus-infused saunas and steam rooms. Helpful wall signage tells exactly how many minutes to spend in each pool and room in the circuit, ensuring that guests reap maximum mind/body benefits and fun.

While the massages are top notch here, the Body Enlightening treatment is an absolute must. Combining clothed full-body massage in the Thai style, partner yoga and subtle energy rebalancing, this is bodywork at its best. Another recommended offering is the Acu-Organ Detox, an acupuncture and massage treatment that this writer found to be an excellent remedy for a lingering cold. Which naturally made it easier to inhale – and exhale. At this spa, breathing is believing.


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