Easyoga stepped into the active-wear business from Taiwan more than 10 years ago. They are well known in Asia, and have shops in Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong. Easyoga is the perfect example of a very down-to-earth yoga wear line for easy-going yogis who prefer to focus on their practice while feeling comfortable and stylish without being flashy.

Visiting the Easyoga showroom in Causeway Bay, you get to know their latest collection. Don’t expect crazy colors and complicated cuts. Easyoga takes it easy. Easyyoga supplies good quality, second skin kind of apparel with pretty, yet simple, and practical designs. Each piece is well thought out, and some call Easyoga the Lululemon of the East. It is always recommended to try your chosen items on and even do a couple of asanas before purchasing. You can also experiment with Easyoga’s mats and props.

You can choose from various yoga mats, practical props such as zen blocks, belts that become yoga mat handles and even yoga chairs. The showroom is also a perfect spot to look for small and affordable gift ideas to surprise your yogi friends.

Last but not least, the environmentally friendly approach must be highlighted. Easyoga offers eco-friendly materials, such as organic fabrics, 100% natural cork block, and natural, recyclable, biodegradable rubber mats, for the conscious yogi shopper.

Stay tuned on the Facebook page for fun events combining yoga and healthy eating, and for the changes coming to the Easyoga showroom in Hong Kong very soon…

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10:30am-7:30pm – Sat-Sun: 12pm-7pm

Hong Kong Facebook page: facebook.com/easyogahongkong

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