The New York Times’ best-seller, E-squared, now available in 34 languages, proves our thoughts create our reality and our intent is the force that lies behind everything. Through nine do-it-yourself energy experiments, and 21 days, E-squared provides the rare opportunity to develop a conscious relationship with energy showing how it transforms in to the matter of your choice. Speaking directly to our life experience, author Pam Grout takes us in to the quantum-physics’ world of the FP (field of potentiality) suggesting this invisible energy is as reliable as a math principle and how in the same way balls dropped from a roof always fall, our every thought always affects physical reality. In sum, it explains that manifesting something in to the physical world comes from what we want to see, and our underlying intent. E-squared proves a universe does not exist without a perceiver of that universe and that we humans decide in advance how we are going to experience life. Through moment by moment awareness, Pam suggests we get over our grudge with the world first and foremost because there are no causes to our reality other than our own state of consciousness. In addition E-squared proves: – We shape our life with our mind – The universe is always co-conspiring with us in a good way – Spiritual principles are as dependable as gravity – There is an invisible force of field of infinite possibilities – We impact it and draw from it according to our beliefs and expectations The experiments are fun, free and put us in the drivers’ seat of life. To start, we are tasked to give the FP 48 hours to make its presence known verifying its power. Moving forward, we are shown how thoughts and consciousness impact matter through an experiment where some plants grow over others. Next, we learn how our attitude and thoughts about our bodies and food affect physical shape more so than actual food. And by the end we are communicating with anyone in the universe through intended thought. The Secret is no longer a secret and this is a must-read for anyone who is ready to learn how the energy of life works. You also might like this yoga and the twelve-step path – a book review