duncan wong yogic arts: source power

Source Power, the latest release in celebrity yoga master Duncan Wong’s DVD practice series, is most memorable for its timeless, almost hypnotic visual style. Filmed in black-and-white, with Wong expertly performing asana in a meditation room adorned with statues and shrouded in mist, the DVD bears a cinematically introspective quality that inspires a sense of focus and presence. While it may come up short in the explanation department, the program excels in providing a dazzling display of proficient expression. The concept of “source power” is not explicitly discussed, but watching Wong guide a 100-minute flow-style workout or two 50-minute focused workouts, it becomes apparent that it’s all about cultivating abdominal awareness and strength through attentive breath work. Beginners may want to watch the program in full before trying to follow it, or attend a few flow-style classes at the local yoga studio before seeking to benefit from the DVD. Advanced practitioners and those familiar with Wong’s Yogic Arts style will find the program an interesting complement to a home practice or even a teaching resource. Wong’s method blends many influences, notably Ashtanga yoga, Korean martial arts, and Thai massage therapy. It is fascinating to see, for instance, how Wong incorporates self-acupressure techniques in his poses, and while the techniques are not necessarily explained by the accompanying narrative, they are apparent enough to the watchful eye. Acorn Media – $29.99 Read next >> parties with a purpose