deep self

Before my yoga class began to create an ambiance, I turned on “Deep Self” and left the room.

When I returned, all of my students were silently sitting in sukhasana (crossed legged) with their gaze turned inward!

Consider it a treat if “Deep Self” accompanies your yoga practice, meditation, or massage. It will enhance your experience and help guide you into that sacred, quiet space within. Cello afficionado Peter Ludwig delivers subdued, smooth, and relaxing sounds, reminiscent of Brian Eno. The CD is comprised of two outstanding tracks totaling 60 minutes. In the first song, “Open Hand,” the cello weeps, revealing how Peter has poured his soul into this album. There is no apparent beginning, end, or break within the sound, creating that feeling of eternal enlightenment. The second song, “Deep Self,” layers the strings with blissfully haunting chants. The looping of the continuous chanting brings one to a meditative state. This cellist prodigy creates music that you can listen to again and again and still find undiscovered nuances within the sounds. You will wish that the soundtrack of your mind mimicked this album at all times.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the sounds of this remarkable album penetrate and resonate within. 


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