daya kaur

In 1996, Daya Kaur had her first experience with yoga. She had always been physically active working with competition and thoroughbred racehorses. In her experience riding these beautiful animals gave her an amazing daily cardio workout. Cleaning their stalls and carrying buckets of water kept her muscles strong. Combine all this with fresh air and sunshine she thought that nothing was missing, until she found yoga. A friend invited her to attend a Kundalini Yoga class.  It was then when she came to realize how inflexible she was.

She had many revelations when she first started her Kundalini Yoga practice including how combining breath with posture brings a new sense of awareness into exercise, as well as how the breath does more than keep you alive, that it really is a tool for calming and balancing the mind. During most Kundalini Yoga postures your eye are closed and she began to discover how with her eyes closed she could journey inward and feel into her body to recognize restrictions and blockages so that she could breathe into and help release them.

Daya Kaur continued to practice Kundalini Yoga for 6 years until she decided to start teaching, and fully living a yogic lifestyle in 2002. Certified through KRI, IKYTA with additional training in Healthy Breast Program, KY for Addiction Recovery, Radiant Child, and Holistic Nutrition. She weaves the physical aspect and philosophy of yoga with a daily spiritual discipline, aware of the potency and relevance of these sacred teachings for us today. How we can bring these teachings into our daily lives to improve our lives and make us more aware and heart centered.

Daya Kaur radiates light energy in her classes and has a very wise and nurturing way of sharing the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga. Daya Kaur offers yoga classes at the Lotus Yoga Centre in Toronto- the only fully Kundalini Yoga studio in Toronto. She also teaches workshops, helps assist in teacher trainings and helps to bring many Kundalini Yoga events to Toronto as well as retreats outside of Toronto.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness and Daya brings this element into her classes and life. She is a true student of yoga which makes her a wonderful teacher. She has been so transformed by the daily practice that it is her passion to share this healing with others. Daya Kaur thrives on sharing the divine knowledge and wisdom Kundalini Yoga brings into your life.  It is her passion to guide others on their personal path.

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