Entering Daluma you feel welcomed by a warm and typical Berlin interior that could really be any new (but still nice) cafe in town. A look at the menu changes that realisation rather quickly: Cold pressed juices, smoothies, coffee variations with almond, soy or normal milk and vegan mains – not the typical Berlin picks.

While being put into an even brighter mood by Hot Chip’s “Boy From School“ playing in the background I start indulging on my “M2” juice, containing Matcha, Brazil nut milk, vanilla, sea salt and coconut pollen. The latter is something you come across quite often on the menu, which makes me think- fashion or what’s the function?

It is actually quite intriguing that despite Berlin Mitte’s lunchtime madness, the place is well visited but not crowded, probably due to many people making use of the take-away options already prepared in a fridge right next to the entrance.

In no time my food arrives – I went for quinoa with hemp topping made out of the following ingredients: celery, lettuce, fresh hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic and apples. The beauty of the main dish menu is its modularity. You have four base ingredients, namely a rice-mix, lentil-mix, pasta, quinoa or a raw veggies mix to which you can add one of the following toppings: tomato, almond-lime, herbs or hemp. The breakfast bar follows the same concept. You can chose from chia pudding, homemade coconut yoghurt or probiotic muesli to which you can add a nuts, Caju-Acerola or Acai-berry topping. And then there are of course salads, soups and raw chocolate desserts.

All in all the idea of Daluma also stands the philosophy check. Their coffee is supplied by Berlin start-up “Coffee Circle” who not only donate a specific amount to social projects but also ensure Fair Trade standards in the production of their own coffee. The straw I get with my smoothie is made by “Vegware”, who engage in eco friendly disposables and food packaging. Last but not least, Greenpeace Energy supplies the electricity needed to run the store.

Having described my first visit above, I have been back many times by now and am still a big fan, since funnily enough I had to travel to the other side of the world to learn about the place (my friends in Bali told me about it). So make sure to try it out!

Open: M – Fr 08:00 – 20:00 / Sat-Sun 10:00 – 19:00  

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