yoga nidra for kids of all ages by emily gretz with steve wolf

Beautiful Yoga Nidra for kids!

I love this Mp3 Expertly and lovingly made, it can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Emily Gretz has a beautiful, calming voice and uses positive affirmations to start the practice and throughout. Captivating visuals take you to the ocean, on a balloon trip, and into outer space.

Background music is creative and interesting without being distracting. The Bonus Track, 61 Points, with Yoga Nidra master Steve Wolf, has become the backdrop to my Sivasana practice and takes me deeply into relaxation in preparation for sitting meditation. Thank you Emily and Steve for this beautiful Yoga Nidra Mp3 ~ Mary (MP3 Baby)

Excellent MP3 for relaxation!

I have a spirited daughter that needs to learn how to relax, and a son who is fearful at night & won’t sleep without a Mp3 player on in his room. So, I was very excited to purchase this disc. I tried it out with my children today, and it was great! The voices on the Mp3 are so relaxing, as well as the music.

I was feeling run down, in a late afternoon slump, and would normally turn to caffiene, but I recently gave that up. This Mp3 was exactly what I needed. Not only did it calm my children and give us some nice bonding time together, but I also feel energized now. I truly recommend this to people of all ages! ~ Sharon (Mp3 Baby)

Just What I Was Looking For

I was looking for a way to help my son fall asleep at night. He has ADHD and really struggles to get himself settled enough to fall asleep. I knew that if I had something that could help him to calm his body down, he would be able to learn to relax. This Mp3 is exactly what I was looking for.

The combination of the music and calming voices is perfect. I have watched him while he is listening to this Mp3 and can visibly see his body relax and fall asleep. This is perfect for parents with children who struggle with bed time. Most importantly, he really enjoys them and actually asks to listen to them at bed time now!!~ Kerrie (

A miracle in a little package

I recently purchased this Mp3 hoping to find some relief for my year old daughter who suffers from chronic migraines and has not been able to sleep or have relief from tension headaches for the past nine months.

After numerous medications, tests,and trips to multiple hospitals, my daughter had finally had enough. It was not unusual for her to be up until 1am or later before collapsing from exhaustion, but still not getting a restful sleep. From the first night I played this Mp3 she has been peacefully asleep by the end of the first story.

I want to thank Emily Gretz for giving not only my daughter a peaceful night sleep but also myself, who is usually up all night with her. I would suggest this Mp3 to everyone who has a child, especially school age children who are overstimulated by technology, as a great tool to cope with life’s challenges today and in the future.

This Mp3 has brought peace to our chaos and I will be forever grateful that I purchased it.

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