By: Sophie Daubisse
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It all started in 2007 when two men, Mathieu Gallant et David Côté, passionate raw foodist, decided to open a little production shop. They were delivering their products on their bicycle to various companies in the city, and were also offering raw food classes to the community. At that time, raw food in Montreal was very alternative and definitely not appreciated as it is today by our community.

Ten years later, Crudessence runs three restaurants in three very popular areas in Montréal. The quality of their food, their devotion to healthy eating, the connection they have created among the community has paid off.

Not only do they offer a broad variety of raw food on their menu but they have ”vulgarized” raw and opened it to the main stream (catering, events organizing, workshops, products selling in most of Montreal supermarkets). They also have their own line of Kombucha, nut milk, 

With Crudessence, raw food is no longer this mysterious limited way of eating but an incredible variety of very tasty food.

You can enjoy traditional Pesto Lasagnas, pizza, burgers, gaspacho, sushi, tapas, wraps, salads along with many other delightful options. Don’t miss their yummy desserts (chocolate mousse, lime pie and banana pie.)


Other locations:

Restaurant St-Viateur – 66, St-Viateur West– Montréal, QC H2T 2K8
514.295.0113 – Opening hours: Every day from 11 am to 7 pm

Restaurant Mackay – 2157, Rue Mackay – Montréal, QC H3G 2J2 – 514.664.5188 –Opening hours:  Sunday to Wednesday from 11 am to 9 pm – Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm

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