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The newest cafe on the block, in the midst of YOGI TIMES’ favourite up and coming street Padang Linjong, comes a little piece of Denmark. Being the first of its kind in Canggu, Copenhagen transports you into those pastel-filled Nordic Instagram posts we all love. Set your bum down on a wicker and pine chair, cast your eyes upon the colourful canal mural, and imagine you are the swan whose only troubles are which Mumford & Sons song to play next.

Food wise you’re looking at local, sustainably-sourced and seasonal (when possible) goodness with a menu that will be changing every 3/4 months to reflect the fresh fruits of Bali (mango season will be a highlight!) and portions that are the perfect size to fuel your day.

After cozying up in a nook among pillows, we are served a perfectly brewed, flat, white and a richly refreshing watermelon juice. The menu boasts various homemade items that caught our eye; raspberry jam spread over Hindbaersnitte, crispy rye bread, granola, and cinnamon rolls. In Copenhagen you are allowed to be healthy but also indulgent… Nutella spread on toasted rye bread? Simple yet delightful. Personal highlights for us were the lime, ricotta and smoked salmon plate, the avocado smash with sesame seeds and lemon, the simple presentation of the dragon fruit, and the low prices per plate. The designers have embodied the Hygge mentality. Less is absolutely more.

The beautiful Bali based pottery line Kevala Ceramics has made her mark here too. Brunch is exhibited on her dishes – tiny pieces of art, delicate and unostentatious. Golden cutlery laid out to make you feel like a queen and wooden boards to ground you. Copenhagen offers its patrons either three plates for 59K, five plates for 89K, and 20K for each additional plate. We tried three each and no matter how much I wanted that Nutella, I was full.  Refreshing and complimentary lemon and mint water is served by the staff who float around like family, making us feel instantly comfortable. Smiles fly through the air in this little hideaway.

The Danish aesthetic of founder, Nadia and her keen eye for detail has this place already packed with regulars. Popular with those seeking out Danish style eats, or simply a place to cozy up and get some work done while watching the bustle of Bali drive by.

To finish up, the bill is presented in a lovely, light brown cover. Have we mentioned how much we love these little details? Vibrant life has already settled into the space, hats off to you, Copenhagen, you’ve nailed it.

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