conversations with god

a review of the movie from book author neale donald walsh

From The Spiritual Cinema Circle and the producer of What Dreams May Come, came Conversations With God, the film inspired by the life of bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch and his popular book series.Walsch, played by Henry Czerny (The Pink Panther), is excelling professionally when a car accident leaves him debilitated and unemployed. Unable to find work, Walsch is soon homeless, eating from dumpsters and judged harshly by the people he once worked and lived among.

He slowly works his way back to employment and an apartment, but remains troubled and confused by what life has dealt him. One night, alone, angry and reeling at God, he hears his own voice speaking to him. “Are you ready to talk?” The voice identifies itself as God. Confused and questioning his sanity, Walsch picks up a pen and records everything he hears. After filling multiple notepads, the words begin to inspire him and he realizes he has the material for a book – maybe more than one book. He is right.

Soon thereafter, a small publishing house picks up the manuscript and the first book of the Conversations With God trilogy is published. Book One quickly becomes a hit, selling copies beyond anyone’s expectations.

Bringing his books to the big screen was the next step in the natural progression of Walsch’s journey. Conversations, in theaters nationwide Oct. 27, chronicles Walsch’s life. It depicts scenes from his past and present, alternating between who he was and who he has become. The film does not shy away from giving the books’ dissenters their voice, nor from showing Walsch’s fumbles and foibles. Although he claims God speaks to him, he wants to make clear that what he experiences isn’t unusual. As he sees it, we are all having a conversation with God every day, all day. You know when you hear that perfectly apt song on the radio? The lyrics touching on exactly what you were just thinking? That’s Him.

Both the books and movie promote a message surprisingly straight-forward and accessible to people from all walks of life. The film portrays Walsch’s effort to address all of his readers, from janitor to CEO, asserting that what separates us in daily life does not separate us in God’s eyes. Conversations is the story of an ordinary man doing some not-so-ordinary things. 

Watch the trailer here below.

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