an invigorating juice cleanse by juice and shine

With the wide array of juice detox companies in Bali, we have done our homework to pin down some of the best programs in the juicing scene. There are some great ones out there. When it comes to cleansing and detoxifying the body in Bali, Juice and Shine really struck our attention.

Juice and Shine stands out as the creme of the crop, offering only raw, premium cold-pressed juices with no sweet fruits or sweeteners.

Juice cleansing is an optimum way to give your body and digestive system a much-needed break. When you eliminate solid foods for 1, 3, 5 or even 7 days, your body is not working overtime to digest your meals but finally has the opportunity to breathe and go deep into the detoxification process. It can begin to focus on rebuilding, restoring, rebalancing, and eliminating the accumulated waste that is stored in the body’s tissues and cells.

Packed full of exuberant flavor and nutrients, Juice and Shine makes the entire detox process super straightforward, simple and tasty. Eight freshly made juices are delivered to your door each morning in eco-packaged, ready-to-consume glass bottles. Not only are they a mouthwatering treat to look forward to each day, but they’re extremely easy to implement into your schedule.

These colorful juice concoctions are specifically designed to purify and nourish the body. You can choose from a variety of programs, ranging from beginner to advance, which include LAUGH (sweet and green juices), LOVE (for regular cleansers) and LIVE (a more rigorous detox, suitable for green juice fans!)

There are a number of reasons why you might be motivated to undertake a juice cleanse: tiredness, allergies, a sluggish digestion or feeling under the weather. If you’ve been thinking about detoxifying your system to flush out those heavy toxins, hydrate your cells, energize your body and feel utterly rejuvenated, then Juice and Shine may be your next call of action.

Want to start your detox? Read our 10 tips to get you started.

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