kokopelli & the butterfly

“Once upon a time, there was a mystical fellow named Kokopelli,” begins this tale of friendship and compassion

The legend of Kokopelli has attracted people for over 2000 years, and author Michael Sterns keeps the legend alive in his enchanting tale of the kind and loving flute player. Kokopelli & The Butterfly is a story about oneness and love: love for oneself, others, animals and Mother Nature.

Sterns conveys with great talent all the messages he was hoping for, including respect for the environment and kindness between humans. The peaceful, caring and curious Kokopelli is in total sync with nature as well as his fellow humans. He is a role model of strength and value, a guide and a teacher to his peers, as well as a student of life, ready to learn at all times. He is a dreamer and a magician, creating what he wishes.

We couldn’t ask for a better book to teach children all over the world the importance of conscious living. The story of this explorer, who is always ready to help others, is beautiful; the writing style, brilliant; and the messages of love and kindness, crucial. The colorful illustrations enhance this magical story. 

Kokopelli & The Butterfly will open children’s imaginations and teach them about creating relationships with each other as well as a caring for their environment to harvest a brighter future. – grasshopperdreams.com

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