catch juicery

It is never easy to keep our summer body in the wintertime. Christmas parties and New Year celebrations have already kicked our healthy body away. So here is a healthier alternative, that not only meets your nutritional needs, but  fills your stomach: organic detox juice.

Co-founders of Catch Juicery, Alex and ChoonBoon, believe that “clean eating is an important component of healthy-living and does not have to be compromised at the expense of taste.”  Their mission is to provide raw, fresh food that develops a happy mind, body and spirit.

At affordable prices, Catch Juicery offers a variety of organic juice cleanses. Each bottle of juice is freshly made daily in Hong Kong. They are preservative free so they only have limited lifespan of 3 days. They are all 100% organic and cold pressed, using the hydraulic machine that extracts the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients from the greens and fruits.

The whole idea of the cleanse is to flush out unwanted toxins in your system. The juices are designed by their nutritionists to suit our daily nutrition needs with a balance of greens and fruits. A few drinks can are enough to fill you up for a day, giving your stomach a well-deserved break from all the heavy, greasy food grinding during the holiday season.

I have tried a bottle of LUCKY STRIKE, which consists of pineapple, grapefruit, red apple, lime, lemon, camu camu and chia seeds. The citrus-flavored juice is rich in vitamin C and it can improve skin, digestion, and boost the immune system. For the best results, you should abstain from solid food as it will slow down the detoxification process.

For detox juices, Catch Juicery offers delivery to your doorstep so customers can enjoy their juices anywhere. Other drinks, like organic smoothies and juice shots, are available in store only. In addition, they offer other raw foods, homemade salads and health-related products from all over that would probably grab your attention too. The shop is also a very nice and cozy place to chill out!

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